A mess in the Cascades

So what's this all about?

What is so cool about the Cascades? Why are we a mess here? Am I just asking these dumb questions to make myself look cooler? All your questions and more will be answered in just a few swift clicks and scrolls. This site is about me, and my time spent here in the lovely Cascade mountain range. (Okay, and some areas outside the Cascades...) Mostly trip reports, some reports of other findings in life, but all of it simply being my thoughts typed out on to a screen made up of zeros and ones. Enjoy it! Or don't, I'll just keep writing it anyway. 

(Map of adventures on this page!)

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Below is a map of most of my adventures in the Cascades. Certainly not all, but I am always just a sucker for a good map! Click on the icon and it should route you to my trip report of it. (P.S. if you're looking for a broader map, it will be located here!)

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