what gear am i using?

Gear can be a hit or miss topic, as usually there is no silver bullet, especially with clothing, packs, shoes, ect. However, I have some gear I like, and I have reasons why I like them, so figured I'd share them with you!

(Ultimately, I recommend if you're trying to get in to a sport, BUY USED GEAR! It is how I started, and how everyone else I know started. Yea, maybe you feel like a gumby sometimes, but it makes it way less intimidating to get into a new sport if the gear isn't buko bucks. And you're probably not the gumby you think you are. If you 're in the Seattle area, check out Wonderland Gear Exchange, or Isella Outdoor. They are consignment and I always find something I like with them. Also, no, I am not sponsored by anyone here, and I don't make money off of this.)