Hiking the Amalfi Coast

July 23-26, 2022

TLDR tips and tricks at the bottom of this page

Constant views of cute towns and hillside vinyards

Imagine stepping outside...

... shouldering your backpack, taking one step and suddenly, you're dripping with sweat, nothing is dry. You reach for your bottle, and somehow it is already empty, did you drink it all already?! You must have gone at least 3 miles already, what does the watch say? Only 0.5 miles?! How! This was what it was like, hiking Amalfi each day during a heat wave. 

Don't get me wrong, it was GORGEOUS and stunning, and the trails were so charming. But Dan and I hide from the sun even in Seattle, and this Italian heat was a wild thing for us to experience while we tried to walk from one town to the other. We ended up making it 4 days, and we've saved up some tips and tricks for next time. Now you get to read about our lessons so that you don't have to learn the hard way! 

With the Mettetranian alywas there, the views were always gold

The "trails" were often little sidewalks that were cut into the hillside, snaking between houses. So unique!

When we were flying into Italy, we had initially been wanting to just hike the coast and walk around to find a place to stay, but after being in Tuscany for a couple of days with my family, we found that it was quite busy, and we decided to pre-book B&B's for our 4 day hike. 

We started out of Maiori since my parents were driving there anyway, and we could get a free drop-off. Once we arrived, we grabbed a $6 pizza and hiked off to our first spot. The hike from Maiori to Amalfi was, asides from the heat, a magical experience. A chunk of the hike was along a trail called "Sentiero dei Limoni " and along it was, you guessed it, miles and miles of lemon groves. We ended the day hiking just past Amalafi to get to our B&B at Matteo's House . Here, we enjoyed some AC and ate a lovely dinner on the edge of a cliff at GAS bar. 

Day two we took off from Amalfi, and made our way down to Priaiano, hiking between little buildings and cliffsides, we found a cute little swimming hole called Fuore cove. We found it, along with hundreds of other tourists, but it was a cool thing to experience! We walked down, and swam in the Tyrrhenian a bit. The beach itself had little washed up pieces of tile, which was adorable! 

The little trail going under the lemon and grape groves

The view from Matteo's House

A little friend along the trail

These precarious towns have stood the test of time, and are quite charming

In Praiano, we stayed in a little place called B&B Tenuta la Picola which was adorably beautiful. It was nestled in the hills, quiet, and the view from ouside of our room was stunning. Better yet was where we ate dinner. We went to a little restauraunt called Bianca Zita. It is a tasting menu only, but let me tell you, you want every bit of flavor that the chef prepares for you. It was easily the best meal I've ever had! The wine parings as well are fantastic, but watch out for the drive home, as you get four big glasses of wine with the parings. When we asked where the wine came from, the waiter laughed, and said "two kilometers that way!" And pointed up the hill. Fantastic. 

Day three, we finally broke down and caught a bus in to Positano. The heat was proving too much, and we wanted to swim! We swam around and caught the bus up to our place in Coli San Pietro. This place was also very cute, and was called B&B L'angolo di Campagna. Again, just a walk from our B&B was another extremely beautiful dinner place called Ristorante Pizzaria Calise. Here, they served extremely delicious, hyper local foods from San Pietro, and Dan and I were smitten. 

The next day we walked down into Sorrento to take the train into Napoli where we stayed before our flight. All in all a magical experience! Below are the tips that we have taken to heart for Italian travel, and I figured I'd share with you too.

Fuore cove was STUNNING! And full of people... 

Our little trail

Down we go to Praiano!

Looking out to sea from Furore cove. Does it get more magical than this?!