About me

In college I graduated with a BS in Exercise Science mostly because I love getting to know how my body and other human bodies work - they're so crazy cool! I still love learning about things in my field, and I apply it to everything I do in the outdoors. I also minored in two dimensional art, and I love adding art in to my daily life. 

As for outdoor education, I have taken my AIARE 1, Avalanche Rescue, and AIARE 2 in the recreational categories, I am WFR and CPR certified, and I have taken PCGI's Top Rope Guide course. I am also an LNT Trainer. I've got lots more courses planned for myself in the near future!

Hey, my name is Madelynn!

I started this blog in early 2020 when I trained for, and DNF'ed my first marathon. I was taking time to process this, and my husband said "why don't you write about it?" I thought about it, and wrote some things out and realized I really loved the process. So here we are! I am glad you're here to think and read and explore with me. I am a Seattle local, born and raised here in the Northwest, and I can't seem to get enough of it here. While I grew up downhill skiing and - wait for it - surfing in Washington, the sports that I have turned to now are mainly rock and glacier climbing, backcountry skiing and trail running! Though I do love to get out to the ocean every once in a while still, and when I am resort skiing, it is Crystal Mountain all the way baby. 

Picture to the left is me climbing in one of my favorite places in the Northwest - Squamish! Above is one of my favorite bivys to date, on top of The Tooth with my lovely co-workers (yes, all four of us squished up there after work, climbing in the dark, and this pic was taken in the morning by my co-worker, Michael Telstad - thanks Michael!)

I currently live in Seattle with my husband, Daniel Bolliger and while at home, love getting out on runs to get to know my neighborhood better. My training runs either consist of getting out on trails (the Issy alps are a lifesaver for this!) or running in the city, trying to run every single street in Seattle. Right now, I am only 8.42% there - ha! But you'd be surprised what you find when you make yourself go somewhere you wouldn't go otherwise. I hope to see ya out there!


I am honored to have you take the time to read my thoughts here on my site, so thank you for taking the time to do so! I hope it is serving you well however you decide to use this info and writing. If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so using the form below, or follow me on Instagram above. I love hearing from people!