Month 3 Recap

July 9 - August 11, 2023

This post is written on behalf of Madelynn by guest blogger Dan Bolliger! 

I am hoping to provide short updates every two weeks detailing Madelynn's progress on the PCT and sharing some highlights.

I've been busy

this past month and have not kept up with the two week updates - but now I have a lot to share! In the past month Madelynn has made great progress on the trail, I was able to hike a five-day section with her, and she even came to Seattle for a few days! Right now, Madelynn is nearing the Oregon-Washington boarder near Mount Hood. I know that she is really excited to enter her home state and get into the Cascade Mountains which will likely be some of the most beautiful miles of the PCT. Also, entering Washington means she is getting closer and closer to finishing!

First, a bit about the progress that Madelynn has made in the past month. In early July she was near Mount Shasta, California, where the PCT starts to head West to follow the crest, before looping around to the East, crossing the state border and heading down into Ashland, Oregon. By the 15th of July Madelynn was in Ashland where I met her and her trail family. We spent a few days in town before heading back on trail, hiking 5 days to Crater Lake, where I said goodbye and she continued on. Two weeks later, Madelynn was in Bend, Oregon, where her mom picked her up, spent one night on trail with her, and then drove her home to Seattle for one of her best friend's wedding. After spending a few busy days in town, I drove her back down to Willamette pass, just East of Eugene, Oregon. In the past week, she has been making quick and steady progress towards Mount Hood which is very near the Washington-Oregon border!

Crossing the Oregon-California boarder was a highlight from this section. California is by far the longest section of the PCT and once completed, Madelynn was more than half way done with the PCT.

Madelynn wore holes in one of her pairs of socks, but found these sweet socks with the PCT logo. This picture also shows her trail gaiters which prevent dirt and rocks from getting stuck in her shoes.

I took this photo while hiking with Madelynn, just North of Ashland. There were many fallen trees but this was by far the largest. I had never seen such a large log cut and cleared off the trail.

A highlight for me during the past month was having Madelynn home for a few days. We spent precious time together, saw a few friends and family, and attended a beautiful wedding. 

Even though she loves the trail, I know that Madelynn is excited to come home to Seattle. I think her visit home reminded her how much he loves it here and misses everyone.

Madelynn has talked a lot about the many amazing lakes throughout Northern California and Oregon. It has been hot and the lakes provide an opportunity to swim and fill up her water bottles. I got to see Crater Lake with Madelynn, and we even went for a swim at sunset. It was incredibly beautiful and I felt so lucky to be there with her. 

There have also been many sections of the trail that travel through zones burned by forest fires. These areas can be difficult because there is no shade from the sun and many trees fall over the trail, slowing the pace. However, the lack of trees also provides for beautiful views and sometimes a better breeze which keeps the bugs at bay.

That is all for now! I will try to be more consistent with my two weeks updates for the next month and a half as Madelynn enters Washington.