Every Single Street Green Lake

January - May 2023

After Running...

Queen Anne back in 2020, I've been trying to tackle other neighborhoods, but nothing had really gained traction. That is until my friend Sally and I started running each week together in the Green Lake neighborhood, and upon looking at the map I realized the streets themselves were pretty manageable! From there, we tackled running Every Single Street Green Lake.

The neighborhood is interesting because, being bordered by Aurora, 85th, I-5, and 60th, most of the neighborhood is taken up by this random lake ;) which means that there's not a whole ton of mileage to do to run every street! I ended up running the neighborhood in 29.66 miles total. The way I was training was in shorter, 3-ish mile blocks, so it took me 9 runs to complete this with a total running time of 5 hours and 24 minutes. 

Now, if you've been in this area, you know that the houses are all adorable which makes the runs really engaging because there is always something to look at! Because of this though, it takes a lot for a house to pull attention. Below is a list of things that I particularly loved about this neighborhood, take a look!

The longest stairs I found on 2nd Ave. in between 75th and 77th

Not too shabby!

Cafe Lulu - a great post-run hangout

Cute lil' bud on the back of a house at 7512 Orin Ct. N.



Giant dragonfly in the road?! Heck yes!

The adorable little houses on Bagley Ave. N

That's all for now folks! So far, I've ran 8.46% of Seattle - up 2% from when I ran Queen Anne! Gotta love this whacky way of exploring :)